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Architecture independent Malware Similarity Analysis with Joe Sandbox Class 3.0

Hunting for similar malware is the process of identifying similar samples based on IOCs, behavior, functions or other data. It helps analysts to find malware families, understand the evolution of threats and provides an indication for attribution. There are various techniques to perform similarity analysis or classification. Often, the malware is disassembled and a unique identifier at a function level is being calculated (e.


Happy New Year!

The Joe Security team wishes you success, satisfaction and many pleasant moments in 2019! .


Joe Sandbox Mail Monitor 2.0

As a security professional working in a SOC, CERT or CIRT, you are constantly bombarded with requests from end users asking if the e-Mail attachment they received is safe to open or not. This kind of requests have recently increased with the last Emotet trojan malspam campaign using Word or PDF attachments as a lure: In most cases, you would take the e-mail and submit it to Joe Sandbox in order to check if it is malicious. If the document analysis shows signs of maliciousness, you would consequently inform the end user. Wouldn't it be nice if this whole process could be automated so that you can focus on more important tasks? In this regards, we have good news for you! Joe Sandbox Mail Monitor may be exactly what you are looking for.


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