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Scorch Malware with Joe Sandbox Fire Opal

We're nearing the end of 2018 and with that, we proudly release the latest Joe Sandbox update: version 24 - code name Fire Opal! This release is packed with an enormous amount of new features and interesting enhancements that will skyrocket the analysis power of Joe Sandbox. Our Joe Sandbox Cloud Pro, Basic and OEM servers have already been upgraded to Fire Opal a couple of days ago. Even though we're excited about every aspect of this release, in this blog post we will highlight only a few of our favorite Joe Sandbox Fire Opal features. 77 New Behavior Signatures With the latest signatures update, Joe Sandbox precisely detects the latest threats and evasions! New signatures include detection of Gootkit, GrandCrab, AZORult, Darkcomet RAT and more: Ubuntu 18.


Clone Wars - Zero Effort Scaling

Joe Sandbox v24 Fire Opal release is knocking at the door and will bring a lot of interesting new features. One of the most interesting ones is the support for VMware ESXi 6.7. VMware ESXi is the perfect virtualization solution for building an infrastructure which is able to analyze large volumes of samples very quickly.


Analyzing Gozi's Anti-Analysis Tricks with Joe Sandbox Hypervisor 2.0

Over the past couple of months, we have focused our efforts on the development of the second version of Joe Sandbox Hypervisor. To inspect a program during runtime, Joe Sandbox Hypervisor uses the hardware virtualization feature of the CPU. Compared to other analysis techniques Hypervisor-based Inspection (HBI) inspects a program more deeply and therefore extracts more malicious behavior. Hypervisor 2.


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