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Joe Sandbox + Carbon Black

We are happy to release today the Joe Sandbox - Carbon Black connector! With the connector, Carbon Black Response users benefit from automated deep malware analysis with Joe Sandbox. The connector will submit suspicious files detected by Carbon Black to Joe Sandbox for deeper analysis and will import the generated threat intelligence data into Carbon Black. You find our Carbon Black connector as well as the installation guide in our Github repository: https://github.com/joesecurity/carbonblack-connector.


Joe Sandbox Detect - the Cloud backed Endpoint Sensor

Today, we are proud to show-case Joe Sandbox Detect. In a nutshell, Joe Sandbox Detect is a configurable endpoint sensor with Joe Sandbox Cloud as its backend. What is an endpoint sensor and why does my organization need it? This blog post addresses those questions. Endpoint Overloading Detecting malware on endpoints is a hard job.


Security and Data Privacy in Joe Sandbox Cloud

Cloud based solutions, especially in the malware detection and analysis field, are well known to use and exploit the uploaded data for commercial purposes. For instance, any malware sample uploaded to the World's most popular online virus scanner can be shared with third parties including customers, antivirus vendors etc. At Joe Security, we take data privacy extremely seriously. By default, Joe Security does not share any malware sample or any IOCs with third parties.


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