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Joe Sandbox v35 Citrine

Published on: 05.07.2022

Today we release Joe Sandbox 35 under the code name Citrine! This release is packed with many new detection signatures and interesting features to make malware detection even more precise!

Our Joe Sandbox Cloud ProBasic and OEM servers have recently been upgraded to Citrine.

If you wish to upgrade your on-premise Joe Sandbox DesktopMobileXLinuxComplete 

or Ultimate installation right away, please run the following command:

mono joeboxserver.exe --updatefast


215 new Signatures

With these brand new Yara and Behavior signatures, Joe Sandbox is able to precisely detect various new malware families like syslogk, BlackBasta, Record Stealer, Symbiote, SVCReady, PrivateLoader, BPFDoor, BumbleBee and many more. In addition, we added 9 Malware Configuration Extractors, e.g. Allcome Clipbanker, Plead, ColdStealer, Jrat, QVoid Stealer, BlackGuard and Colibri, to just name a few:

We have also added coverage to detect latest Microsoft Office RCE Follina/CVE-2022-30190:

Custom Snort rules

Citrine brings custom Snort rules to Joe Sandbox. Snort rules enable analysts to detect malicious patterns in network traffic. Snort rules can now be added also directly via the web app in the Snort Editor:

Snort rule hits are shown in all analysis reports as well as Live Interaction & Results:

Snort rules are applied to the full network capture but also the decrypted HTTPS traffic! This helps to detect malware even in covert communication. 

Redesign of Submission Page

We completely redesigned and tidied up the submission page. Important options have been made more prominent, while advanced settings which are not required everyday are initially hidden. This makes it much easier to navigate the page. 
Finally you can save your submission settings directly on this page using the green button at the end.

PCAP with single decrypted SSL / unified Traffic

Newly available as a download:

Video Capture

Analysts can now download a video capture of the full analysis. The video gives a more fine grained view compared to the already existing screenshots, enabling the analyst to see more exactly what happens:

LNK File Parser

LNK files are now statically parsed. All information is shown in the "Static File Info" section:

Recent malicious LNK files: https://www.joesandbox.com/search?q=.LNK

Static Extraction of Macro 4.0 code

Citrine includes a static parser to extract Macro 4.0 code. Joe Sandbox already extracts Macro 4.0 code dynamically, however some Excel documents do not start correctly. Thanks to the static parser we still can detect suspicious codes:

Recent malicious Excel files containing Macro 4.0 code: https://www.joesandbox.com/search?q=macro+4.0

Support to launch ISO and IMG Files

We have seen a surge of submissions which come in disk and image format. Joe Sandbox 35 now launches them correctly:

Final Words

In this blog post, we have presented the most important features of Joe Sandbox Citrine, but there are some other interesting features on top:

  • Added bypass for new evasion: SMART_GET_VERSION, block network traffic
  • Added option to analyze "empty" MSG and EML in Live Interaction mode
  • Added PID of loaded sample to Linux and macOS report in runtime messages
  • Added new hook function for macOS: SYS_open_dprotected_np
  • Improved Web API search
  • Improved static analysis of OLE files
  • Improved localized Internet anonymization (LIA) iptables management
  • Improved macOS kext stability
  • Improved macOS PKG unpacking
  • Improved SCAE dynamic mappings on Windows
  • Improved Windows Crash Dump recovery
  • Upgrade to Python3

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