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Technology Leader

Technology Leader

Joe Sandbox is the leader among automated malware analysis systems and is used by well-known CERT / CIRTs around the world. Introducing Hybrid Code Analysis (HCA), Joe Security has developed a unique technology that combines dynamic and static code analysis into one powerful tool. HCA raises malware analysis to the next level by analyzing hidden payloads - so-called dormant codes.

Cross Platform

Cross Platform

Joe Sandbox is the only system that analyzes all malware in any format on Windows XP, Vista, W7, W7 x64 and W8, Android platforms and Mac OS X. Joe Security is currently extending Joe Sandbox to feature malware analysis on Linux. Joe Sandbox enables analysis of malware on virtual machines as well as on physical machines.

Cross Platform

Agile Malware Analysis

Today's cyber threats circumvent host and network security measures and have become highly difficult to analyze and understand. Agile Malware Analysis, the core of Joe Sandbox, helps to spot evasive malware by identifying and disabling the evasive code of the malware.

Cross Platform

Swiss Made

Joe Security - managed by a technical team of engineers and threat analysts - has a tradition of developing state of the art analysis software. Based in the center of Europe, Joe Security provides extensive technical support, such as remote and on-site system installations, maintenance, customization and expert knowledge.